Story so Far

Plot Points So Far:

“The Arrivals” refers to a group of adventurers (the PC’s) that arrived on Absum at the same time and were thus grouped together, though the membership of their group has changed several times. The only remaining original members of the group are the Halfing Paladin of Osnos, Ahrver, and his companion, the Dragonborn Bard, Adwr. Currently the group also includes the fighter Rhalden. Previous members include the Orc Barbarian, Mugubash, who was killed in a battle with Glass; the Thief, Clover, who abandoned the group after mistakenly believing she came into ill-gotten wealth; the Dwarf, Viggo, who disappeared one day without warning; the Sorceror, Ulftor, who accidentally had his soul sucked out of his body in a risky maneuver with a Deck of Many Things; and the Ranger, Raelas, who left to assist the Rangers of Absum.

Rhalden wears a pendant that responds to something called a “Mal Enchantment.” When Rhalden touches Adwr, the pendant beats like a heart. No one is quite sure what that means.

Ahrver came to Absum following Adwr, whom his Church believed to be “The Chosen One.” He recently received a message from the Church letting him know that they no longer believe Adwr to be Chosen, but that his role was to lead Ahrver to Absum to find the real Chosen. Ahrver has been tasked with finding the Chosen and protecting him/her. His current lead is a powerful female cleric he met once in his travels.

The Arrivals have recently become aware of a serious issue on Absum, one that only a few higher up in the Adventurer’s Guild and Lion’s Guard are aware of: buried not far from Port Horizons is a Maenad Orb with the power to control the lands, weather, and climate of all of Absum. Since the disappearance of the Maenad, the Orb has been left uncontrolled, leading the all the strange climate, weather, and magical abnormalities throughout the land. The Orb was discovered shortly after the White Flags arrived on Absum. The White Flags realized that the Orb required three more pieces to work properly: a Key, a Control Rod, and a Handler’s Suit. The White Flags disappeared while searching for these items. Now, years later, the Adventurer’s Guild is still hoping to get control of the Orb and keep the lands of Absum from getting any more chaotic. The Arrivals have been tasked with finding leads to these three missing pieces. They have decided to follow in the footsteps of Tank, a dwarf they had once assisted who was attempting to locate the White Flags.

The Arrivals have become friends with the prince of Pemor, Tormac. Tormac, disguised as the adventurer, Rickard, temporarily joined the Arrivals, before being outed by his bodyguards, codenamed Alpha and Beta. He refused to leave Absum without getting his full of adventure. After encountering the assassin Solencard and realizing the threat he posed to the citizens of Absum, Tormac promised his bodyguards he would return to Pemor if first they helped him deal with Solencard once and for all.

The Aasimar Paladin, Malicor, and his Tiefling companion, Meera, are on a quest to find a powerful holy sword crafted by a reformed Maenad blacksmith long ago. Supposedly, the sword had such divine power that the the Order feared they could be destroyed completely and locked it away to never be found. The Arrivals have assisted the pair several times in their quest to find clues related to the sword.

The Arrivals have encountered the assassin Solencard on more than one occasion. He is responsible for the seemingly random murder of several members of the Adventurer’s Guild. He has been hunting the Paladin, Malicor, for reasons that are not clear.

Glass is a strange man with power over illusions. While off his medication, he enters into a state near psychosis. In this state he was engaged by the Arrivals and killed the barbarian Murubash. He was captured alive and freed by Duke Hammond, whom employed him to deal with a bandit problem. The Arrivals still hold a grudge against him.

Safir is a wizard with a mastery of dimensional magic. He pretends to be an innocent and soft spoke apprentice wizard, while in reality he is violent and conniving (and powerful). His true nature was revealed to the Arrivals, though they could not convince anyone from the White Tower of this.

The Arrivals have a strange relationship with the demon realm. They entered into it once before while searching for Tank, who in turn had entered it looking for clues about the White Flags. They are also friends with a young warlock named Ellie. However, one of the leaders of the group is a paladin, who is ostensibly against demons and demonic magic.

The Arrivals have discovered one piece of the puzzle of what became of the Maenad. Apparently, after the Maenad had been defeated in Votania, they set about creating a powerful beast to unleash on the mortal races as revenge. The beast, named the Terrasque, became resistant to their mind control and instead wreaked havok on their civilization. With a massive effort, the combined powers of the Order managed to seal the Terrasque at the bottom of a 100-floor dungeon. It had already done serious damage, leaving the Maenad in a weakened state. Fearing what might happen if other learned about this great power sealed away, the Arrivals have chosen to keep this information quiet.

Story so Far

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