Elemental Frontier Conclusion

Session 8 + 9

The Arrivals set out to close the remaining three tears with Safir. On the way to the Water Tear, they met Glass, a strange man who was attempting to lore bandits to him using a bag of gold and other valuables, but couldn’t seem to remember why. He followed the Arrivals to the Water Tear and waited outside for them. After they successfully closed the tear, Glass followed them back to Highwood. While they rested for the night, Glass baited one of the townsfolk into trying to steal his gold and killed him before fleeing into the woods.

The Arrivals pursued him and confronted him as he was standing invisible near his supposedly abandoned gold bag. After refusing to come back peacefully, the Arrivals chose to fight him. He put up a strong fight and it cost the Arrivals dearly, their barbarian was slain and their rogue ran off with Glass’s gold. They returned to Highwood with Glass as a prisoner and sent word to the Adventurer’s Guild that they would need reinforcements.

They helped Greenshadown and his rangers hold the town for a few weeks while waiting for the reinforcements. When they finally arrived the new group set off to close the last two tears. After closing the Air Tear, the group discovered they were being watched by a servant of a Dryad. They chose to investigate it later. After closing the Earth Tear, Safir’s orb pointed him to the original source of the elemental abnormalities, whatever it was that originally caused the tears in the first place.

The Arrivals followed Safir to the home of one of the forest’s Dryad. The Dryad admitted to being responsible for the Tears, doing it to attempt to scare away the people of Highwood, who had been chopping trees without restraint and killing her children. They negotiated with the Dryad and settled the matter without conflict. This did not sit well with Safir, who finally showed his true colors. He attempted to kill the Dryad himself, but the Arrivals confronted him. After being defeated, Safir used his magic to escape.

Upon returning to Highwood, they found Greenshadow arguing with Duke Hammond of Pemor. Hammond was freeing Glass, who had been an agent of his, albeit one who was off his meds. Despite their protests, there was nothing anyone could do to prevent Glass from being freed. Hammond left with his agent.

The Arrivals returned to Port Horizons and reported their success. They also attempted to let the White Tower know of Safir’s deceit and violence, but his reputation was to ironclad and no one would believe he had the potential for violence. The Arrivals were forced to accept this fact and move on.



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