Third Class Apprentice of the White Tower; Sociopath


Safir is an apprentice wizard of the White Tower specializing in Dimensional and Planar magics. Despite being only a teenager, his knowledge in his chosen specialty has already earned him many accolades. He is a third-class apprentice, meaning he is fully qualified to be a wizard once his spellbook is complete. He has a reputation in the Tower as being kind and quiet, if not a bit feeble and a pushover.

However, underneath that carefully crafted persona is a different kind of man. Safir can actually be quite violent and has little regard for the life or safety of those around him. While he is content most of the time to simply watch other fight from a safe distance, if he chooses to fight himself he does so violently and destructively. The most important thing for him is to keep himself alive at any costs, for which he is protected by a summoned guardian. Any innocent bystanders (or witnesses, for that matter) or merely the cost of doing what needs to be done.



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