Undead in Estred Final and Haunted Mansion Part I

Session 2.5 + 3

The Arrivals confronted and defeated the massive Skeleton that was guarding the necromancer’s orb then proceeded to destroy the orb, assuring that the water would soon be free from its taint. His job finished, the Naga warrior left to return to his tribe. The Arrivals freed the necromancer from his cage under the condition that they will deliver him to a Church of Osnos.

Upon returning to Port Horizons, they heard a considerable ruckus coming from the inn. They found the dwarves of the guild surrounding the legendary warrior Tank and their own Dagan in the midst of a drinking contest. After several made their own attempt to join the contest, the arrivals returned to Docent for their reward and next assignment.

Docent told them that a client had spotted a strange mansion not far from Port Horizons, a mansion that no one else had ever seen and that appeared to be haunted. He saw a little girl looking out of a window on the top floor and thought she was in trouble. The Arrivals were sent to investigate. They asked around the guild and learned that the Rangers had reportedly run into some problems with warlocks in the area, but were unable to locate any Rangers to get more details.

They located the mansion in the cloud of mysterious fog. After participating in a warlock ritual, solving a gem puzzle, and fighting their way through death dogs and imps, they reached the top floor of the mansion and met the young Ellie. Ellie was a warlock in training, in hiding till her parents returned. Her parents had left to draw away some Rangers who had been getting too close to the mansion. The Arrivals agreed to look into what happened to her parents.



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