After millennia lost in the Far Mists, the land of Absum has been rediscovered. The Order, the ancient enemy of men who once called the land home, seem to have disappeared long ago, leaving behind the ruins of their advanced civilization. Dangers abound for those brave enough to tackle this new land, but the promises of riches has drawn the adventurous of all races to the challenge. The secrets of power and magic are there for anyone to claim, should they survive.

The human kingdom of Pemor is finally at peace after a nasty war of succession that lasted more than a century and drew in many of its neighbors. Suddenly much of the world found itself with populations full of career soldiers with no other trade. Seeing the rush of adventurers to Absum and the amazing treasures they bring back, the king declared that Pemor will put forth all efforts to support the exploration and settling of the new land. Any citizen who chooses to start a new life in Absum, be it as an adventurer or settler, will receive such equipment as they need to get started. A new wave of manpower saw the construction of permanent settlements on the coast of this new land.

You find yourself at the end of this wave, heading towards Absum on an old boat to join the Adventurer’s Guild. Your reason for this is your own. Perhaps you are King’s man, taking up the call in the name of your country. Perhaps you are fleeing something , or someone. Or maybe you just felt the sudden call to adventure. Whatever your reason, be prepared. Though some strides have been made, Absum remains as dangerous and unforgiving forever. Be careful, and you may find yourself with more ancient treasures than you can even imagine. Be careless, and you will just find yourself dead.