Tim's Half-Orc Barbarian


Height: 6’9
Weight: 225
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hair: Black Mohawk


Born and raised in the ranges of Mount Gundabad, Mugubash was taught from a young age that humans were scum and that Orcs were a superior race. When Mugu turned 14 he was taught how to fight as a barbarian and survive on his own. As he grew, his curiosity of humans did as well. One day while he was hunting he was attacked by a wild bear and would have died had a group of humans not been also hunting nearby. From that day on not only did Mugu respect the ferocity of the bear, but he was also convinced that not all humans were bad. On the day of his 22nd birthday he decided that he was tired of everyone in his village hating the humans and that he was going to venture to Absum to join the Adventurer’s Guild to not only learn more about the humans, but maybe one day become an ambassador of peace between the two races.


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