Magnda "Clover" Valentin

Matt's Human Rogue




Born into the lap of luxury, Magnda lived a very calm, serene, and sheltered lifestyle, never having to worry about the trifles of the world around her. Surrounded by a Loving Mother and a Caring Father, as a young girl she found herself happy and relaxed. She remained content with this lifestyle until a choice decision threw her worldview into a whirlpool of confusion: Her family took her to the circus.

“Brothers Serpenthelm: Partakers of the insane and ill-minded”

She could remember the tagline on the flier that flew into the gates of her families estate. Ever the curious mind, she brought the parchment to her father, who after a long and drawn out argument between his little girl and himself, ultimately agreed, taking her to the show down at the nearby dockyard. It was there that she came across incredible wonders never before seen by the likes of a young girl with her upbringing: Performers consuming the elements right before her eyes, stunts so death-defying to the point that her face was frozen in awe, however one act caught her attention more than anything. “The Davhorn Duo”, a team of two acrobat brothers soaring through the air in ways that brought tears to young Magnda’s face. In that moment, Magnda began to grow a steady disdain for her lifestyle, wanting to exchange her lavish luxuries for something more of danger and excitement like the Duo had just demonstrated.

At home Magnda began to train herself in secret, sneaking out into the courtyard garden in the dead of night, practicing all kinds of flips and jumps, using what she could to perfom all sorts of aerial maneuvers, and even escaping over the estate walls to explore the city she was so shielded from. This carried on until she turned 15, where, after leaving a heartfelt message to her parents, set off into the black night. Though many years had passed, she had traveled down to the dockyard once again to see if she could find any trace of the traveling circus. To her surprise, she had arrived just as the group was preparing to set sail for their next destination, and after a firm discussion with Ringmaster Serpenthelm, akin to the discussion she held with her father as a little girl, he ultimately agreed.

It was on this maiden voyage of hers that she would ultimately learn the tools of her new trade, for while the circus itself held the image of something friendly and rather harmless, the true nature of their line of work rested like so many others, in the dark, shady, back-alley deals. It was here where her true learning began, becoming exceptionally adept at conversation, learning to work her way around decks of cards, and how to hold her own in the event of trouble. A key underlying rule with the Brothers Serpenthelm: “Always have a plan.”

10 years later, after faring on the seas with her new family living a life of a coin, excitement and thrills on one side, and piracy and thievery on the other, Magnda set out to see just what she could find. She had come across many places in her travels, sure, but never truly had a chance to see just what kinds of fun she could get herself into. However, she is not a fool. A lady of her looks and figure would not fare well while she’s alone. So, to prevent possible tragedy by a group of thugs on the street, Magnda currently hides her female gender, keeping her chest pressed to her body, facial physigue masked as best as she can, and currently goes by her surname, “Valentin”.

Magnda "Clover" Valentin

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