Elemental Frontier Conclusion
Session 8 + 9

The Arrivals set out to close the remaining three tears with Safir. On the way to the Water Tear, they met Glass, a strange man who was attempting to lore bandits to him using a bag of gold and other valuables, but couldn’t seem to remember why. He followed the Arrivals to the Water Tear and waited outside for them. After they successfully closed the tear, Glass followed them back to Highwood. While they rested for the night, Glass baited one of the townsfolk into trying to steal his gold and killed him before fleeing into the woods.

The Arrivals pursued him and confronted him as he was standing invisible near his supposedly abandoned gold bag. After refusing to come back peacefully, the Arrivals chose to fight him. He put up a strong fight and it cost the Arrivals dearly, their barbarian was slain and their rogue ran off with Glass’s gold. They returned to Highwood with Glass as a prisoner and sent word to the Adventurer’s Guild that they would need reinforcements.

They helped Greenshadown and his rangers hold the town for a few weeks while waiting for the reinforcements. When they finally arrived the new group set off to close the last two tears. After closing the Air Tear, the group discovered they were being watched by a servant of a Dryad. They chose to investigate it later. After closing the Earth Tear, Safir’s orb pointed him to the original source of the elemental abnormalities, whatever it was that originally caused the tears in the first place.

The Arrivals followed Safir to the home of one of the forest’s Dryad. The Dryad admitted to being responsible for the Tears, doing it to attempt to scare away the people of Highwood, who had been chopping trees without restraint and killing her children. They negotiated with the Dryad and settled the matter without conflict. This did not sit well with Safir, who finally showed his true colors. He attempted to kill the Dryad himself, but the Arrivals confronted him. After being defeated, Safir used his magic to escape.

Upon returning to Highwood, they found Greenshadow arguing with Duke Hammond of Pemor. Hammond was freeing Glass, who had been an agent of his, albeit one who was off his meds. Despite their protests, there was nothing anyone could do to prevent Glass from being freed. Hammond left with his agent.

The Arrivals returned to Port Horizons and reported their success. They also attempted to let the White Tower know of Safir’s deceit and violence, but his reputation was to ironclad and no one would believe he had the potential for violence. The Arrivals were forced to accept this fact and move on.

Elemental Frontier, Part 1
Session 8

The Arrivals accepted a mission to the northwestern frontier, where the Rangers reported having trouble with Elemental energies that were causing all sorts of weird troubles. The White Tower loaned them Safir, a Third-Class wizard apprentice, to help them identify and deal with the abnormalities. They packed up supplies for a long trip and traveled towards the largest settlement in the region, the town of Highwood. After a few strange encounters along the road, they reached Highwood to find it under siege by fire elementals, with Second Ranger Greenshadow and his men barely being able to hold them off. The Rangers and the Arrivals teamed up, and together they were able to fight off multiple waves of the elementals.

After learning a bit more about the situation from Greenshadow and the town’s chief, they came to the conclusion that Elemental tears had been opening in the region, similar to the Planar Crash centuries ago. Safir was able to devise a method of tracking the tears, and determined there were four tears in total: a fire, earth, water, and air.

The Arrivals set off first for the fire tear, and though they faced great difficulty not burning to death, they succeeded in closing the tear. They then set off to deal with the remaining three.

Undersea Adventures
Session 7

After resting from their last adventure, the Arrivals reported to Docent for a new assignment. Docent assigned them two new members, an associate Ranger and the fresh-faced adventurer Rickard. He then instructed them that a client was waiting for them. The client was a Naga Warrior who wished for the Guild’s help in stopping a faction of his people who were planning to attack human ships and people.

They traveled to a Naga Shrine, and after fighting off the Naga guarding it the Arrivals were gifted with the (temporary) ability to survive underwater. The Naga Warrior led them to the faction’s base before causing a diversion to lead a bulk of the hostile faction away. The Arrivals fought their way through the remaining garrison and destroyed their idols, knowing that the Naga would not have the confidence to go through with their plans if they did not have the protection of their gods.

They returned to the guild and rejoined with the Naga Warrior, who rewarded the Arrivals with gold before parting ways. They were eager to spend their new fortune, but were accosted outside the guild by two mysterious masked figures. It turns out that Rickard was actually Prince Tormac of Pemor, and the masked people were members of the Royal Guard sent to protect him. Tormac apologized for the deception, but insisted he would not be returning to Pemor, forcing his guards to remain on Absum with him.

Palace of Thyrmacles
Session 6

The Arrivals met Captain Ho’kran, a strange elf with odd compulsions. He tasked them with travelling through the tunnels beneath Port Horizons. Tank, a dwarf of some importance, how gone down there chasing a lead, accompanied by the guild’s Farius and Fitius, but had not yet returned. They were to find Tank and the brothers and assist them in any way needed.

Traveling through the undertunnels, the Arrivals found a recently opened passageway. At the end of it, they found the brothers playing with a deck of cards in front of an open portal. They explained that Tank had activated and gone through the portal a couple of days before (with some goading from Fitius). The Arrivals convinced Farius to come through the portal with them in the search for Tank.

The portal brought them to a strange palace where demons roamed the halls and pits of fire blocked their paths. Traversing the palace, they found Ellie, the young warlock they had once helped, currently possessing the body of an imp. Ellie explained they where in the Demonic Realm, specifically in the palace of the Lord of Fear, Thyrmacles. With no sign of Tank (or thankfully, of the Demon lord) the Arrivals set to putting together a staff that promised them great power.

Upon completing the staff, they were transported to a pillar surrounded by vast nothingness. There they found Tank trapped in a magical barrier he had accidentally activated. Close to him was a slain young dragon, Tank’s axe lodged in its head. After messing around with the magical ruins for a while, they figured out how to turn off the magical barriers, and were set upon by a massive demonic beast. With the Arrival’s help, Tank managed to toss the beast into the abyss. They then escaped the Demon Realm through a newly opened portal.

Reunited with Fituis, the Arrival’s learned of Tank’s mission: he was trying to learn what had become of the heroes known as the White Flags, of whom his friend Vaagar Ironfist was a founding member. He believed the group had stumbled upon a portal much like the one they had just traveled to, and it seems he could be right, for in the Demon Realm he had located one of the White Flag’s insignias.

With their mission complete, the Arrivals reported to Ho’kran for their reward, while Tank caught a boat back to his kingdom to report his findings to King Axebreaker.

Ruins of the Maenad
Session 5

The Arrivals were assigned to help the Cartographer’s Guild clear a newly discovered Maenad Ruin of any dangers. They traveled south to a desert land and found the members of the guild looking at the ruins from afar, apparently scared off by some “demon woman” walking around intimidatingly. The arrivals ventured towards the ruins and met Meera, a tiefling who was waiting for her companion, the aasimar paladin Malicor, to come out from inside the ruins.

The Arrivals ventured inside the ruins and found the defenses of the Maenad still active. They were teleported deeper into the ruins and had to fight their way back out through mimics and gargoyles. As they neared the entrance, they encountered an odd acting man who also claimed to be looking for the paladin. When they tried to ignore him and leave him behind, the man attacked them and proved to be quite strong. As the fight drew on Malicor appeared and provided healing to the Arrivals, causing the assassin to decide to flee.

Malicor explained that he was looking for clues regarding an ancient holy weapon and joined the arrivals as they continued exploring the ruins. They eventually stumbled across some Maenad documents talking about the weapon, which they let Malicor have. After defeating a large gargoyle the ruins began to crumble and the Arrivals rushed out of there.

Outside Meera was being harassed by Captain Conners and a couple of members of the Lion’s Guard. He was hunting Solencard, the assassin whom the Arrivals had just fought, who was responsible for the recent guild murders. He believed that Meera, being a tiefling, must be in cahoots with him. The Arrivals convinced him of her innocence. They then parted ways with Meera and Malicor, certain they would meet again.

After receiving their reward at the guild hall, the Arrivals were approached by the Guild’s High Captain, Byras Secondshield. He was impressed that they had survived an encounter with Solencard and asked them if they wanted to take missions to assist in guild matters. They agreed and were instructed to meet with Captain Ho’kran for assignment.

Haunted Mansion Final
Session 4

The Arrivals went out in search of Ellie’s parents. When they reached their carriage, they found their carriage driver under interrogation by a couple of Rangers. The Rangers had lost track of the Warlocks (Ellie’s parents) and had backtracked to where they first started looking for them. The Arrivals kept the location of Ellie and the mansion a secret, and learned from the Rangers that the Warlocks were likely in the southern forest, where the animals were acting strangely.

The Arrivals traveled south and were beset by enraged bears. Using his ability to speak with animals, the druid calmed the bears and learned that they had been kicked out of their home by ‘walking metal.’ The bears led them to the cave. The Arrivals fought their way through animated suits of armor and weapons until they came across the scene of a confrontation between the Rangers and the Warlocks. The Warlocks were both dead, as was all but one severely wounded Ranger. They healed the Ranger and sent him on his way without revealing anything about Ellie, confident that the Rangers would now feel the Warlock problem was dealt with. They searched Ellie’s parents bodies and found a journal, and reading the last few pages they learned their last wish was for Ellie to receive a special gem they had hidden in the cave.

They returned to Ellie and gave her the bad news before handing over the gem. Ellie did not seem to distraught about the loss of her parents, but was quite excited about now being a full fledged warlock (as the gem the Arrivals gave her bound the demon her parents had made a pact with now to her). She thanked them and told them if they ever needed any advice in regards to dark magic to come visit. Unsure whether what they had done was indeed a good thing, the Arrivals returned to Port Horizons.

They found the Adventurer’s Guild to be in a somber mood. Apparently, someone had been murdering adventurers on their way back from various missions. Feeling the knowledge the murder had must make him a member of the guild, the Arrivals conducted their own (not so subtle) investigation, though their trail of clues eventually went cold went the officers would not disclose any details of the official investigation.

Undead in Estred Final and Haunted Mansion Part I
Session 2.5 + 3

The Arrivals confronted and defeated the massive Skeleton that was guarding the necromancer’s orb then proceeded to destroy the orb, assuring that the water would soon be free from its taint. His job finished, the Naga warrior left to return to his tribe. The Arrivals freed the necromancer from his cage under the condition that they will deliver him to a Church of Osnos.

Upon returning to Port Horizons, they heard a considerable ruckus coming from the inn. They found the dwarves of the guild surrounding the legendary warrior Tank and their own Dagan in the midst of a drinking contest. After several made their own attempt to join the contest, the arrivals returned to Docent for their reward and next assignment.

Docent told them that a client had spotted a strange mansion not far from Port Horizons, a mansion that no one else had ever seen and that appeared to be haunted. He saw a little girl looking out of a window on the top floor and thought she was in trouble. The Arrivals were sent to investigate. They asked around the guild and learned that the Rangers had reportedly run into some problems with warlocks in the area, but were unable to locate any Rangers to get more details.

They located the mansion in the cloud of mysterious fog. After participating in a warlock ritual, solving a gem puzzle, and fighting their way through death dogs and imps, they reached the top floor of the mansion and met the young Ellie. Ellie was a warlock in training, in hiding till her parents returned. Her parents had left to draw away some Rangers who had been getting too close to the mansion. The Arrivals agreed to look into what happened to her parents.

Undead in Estred. Part 2
Session 2

The Arrivals question Chief Pything about the strange magical symbols. Pything explained that the crypts were built into preexisting caverns and that when they saw the symbols the villagers had assumed they were just ancient graffiti, a common find in old areas of The Order. He suggested that the only person closeby who might know the meaning of such symbols was the Wizard Inelix, and only the town’s hunter, Hakon, could show the way to his tower. Hakon was uncooperative due to his previous encounters with the wizard, but eventually relented to showing the way.

As they traveled, Hakon explained that his axe was enchanted in a way that allowed him the traverse the enchanted forest surrounding the tower, while those without it would get lost. Following Hakon, they found the tower, old Stonework that more closely resembled Votanian architecture than Maenad. Climbing the tower they met the strange wizard Inelix, who helped them identify the symbols as an ancient Maenad password.

With the password in their possession, the Arrivals returned to Estred and opened the pathway in the crypts. In tunnels below they encountered many undead and traps set there by someone unknown. They found a wounded Naga, a warrior of his tribe who was trying to find the source of tainted water making his people sick. They helped the Naga with his wounds and agreed to work together on their common goal. Together they fought a massive minotuar skeleton and the naga led them towards the tainted water. He warned them that some manner of ancient beast had made these caves its home and to be wary, but despite this several of the Arrivals went off on their own to explore. They encounter the beast and barely escaped with their lives.

Once the Arrivals were all regrouped, they followed the Naga down towards an underground river that flowed with the tainted water. Following it to its source, they found a necromancer in a cage. Upon questioning, he explained that he had come to the caves to practice necromancy after being kicked out of the Tower, and had been chased away by the beast that dwelled above. He tried to create a more powerful undead to deal with the beast so he could reclaim the caves and his research, but in doing so he messed up and his necromancer’s liquid is now flowing from an orb at the end of the river. To make matters worse, the undead he created caged him and now guards the orb.

Knowing that dealing with the undead was the only choice if they were to destroy that orb and return Estred to normal, the Arrivals prepared for a fight.

Undead in Estred, Part I
Session 1

Aboard a ship bound for Absum, the Arrivals noticed that adventurers did not receive the treatment they might once have. Stuck in the lower decks of the ship for a month with only each other and prisoners to keep them company, finally arriving at Port Horizons was a welcome relief. Upon arriving, they were met by the Lion’s Guard and its commander, Bastion Lionsheart. He warned the Arrivals against causing any problems or breaking any laws while in Port Horizons, a warning which only some of them took to heart.

The Arrivals headed to the Adventurer’s Guild, where they were introduced to some of the more notable (and dangerous) members while briefly washing up at the inn. They finally went to the administration office and signed up for the guild with Docent, and took their first quest. It would seem that in the village of Estred, where many of Absum’s adventurers and settlers are buried, the dead have started rising. The Arrivals were tasked with putting the undead back down and putting a stop to whatever is causing them to raise.

Upon arriving in Estred, they found all the town hiding behind barred doors besides its chief, Pything. He hurried them towards the crypts, where undead adventurers threatened to break down the door and attack the town at any moment. The Arrivals broke open the door and faced the undead head on. After clearing the door, they went down into the crype and put down every undead that they could find. At the end of the crypt, they found some strange marking alongside a stone wall, a wall that is far older than the crypts themselves. Feeling this could be a clue to the cause of the undead, they headed back up to question the villagers.


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